Sunday, November 7, 2010


himitsu- secret

this story is about a family when the wife n the daughter have a terrible accident.
the wife died in the accident but the daughter save because when the accident happen, her mother cover her.
when the daughter woke up, it is her mother's soul inside her.
a mother's soul in her daughter. when she told her husband, he didn't believe it but then her wife start to remind him about their first date n so on. finally the husband believe her.
after that, they live normally but the wife have to pretend as their daughter.
go to school as normal kid. n there is a boy who seems to be her daughter's bf b4 the accident.
the mother still want to maintain their relationship as a married couple.

finish the 2nd episode already. seems like a good story.
the boy who suppose to be the daughter's bf really mysterious.
the parents really don't know their daughter personal life.
the husband want to know the real reason why the driver careless when driving.
a bit mysterious here. but poor the wife, she loves her husband but can't show it.
it's her daughter's body afterall..
can't do anythng bout it..
but i can feel that this won't be a happy ending.
some day, her daughter's soul will be back,rite??
prepare tissue for the last episode i thnk??
my opinion: she will prepare her husband for her leave
find a good mother for her daughter maybe
make sure that her husband n her daughter will be happy even w/o her in their life..


another jdorama yg tgh tayang skarang yg cmbesh nk di ushar masa cuti nih;

juui dolittle.. a human drama bout animals.
OGURI SHUN tuh.. konpem aku nk tgk..
tp genre dia cm..........
x seswai ngan aku kot.. kikiki..
trying to like animals but what can i do..
they hate me..

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kAmEnAsHi kAzUya

hE's cUtE
hE's beaUtifuL
hE lOves bAsebAll
hE's aN iDoL, a SingEr, an AcToR
hE's tHe lEttEr K in KaT-TuN
hE's kYohEi in YaMaTo NadesHikO sHicHi hEngE
hE's kAnZaKi sHizUku in KamI nO sHizUku
hE's kOsaKU in oNe pOund gOsPeL
hE's hIrotO kAnzAki in tAtTa hItoTsu nO kOi
hE's YuYa iShidA in sApuRI
hE's kIriTanI sHuji in nObuta Wo pRoduCE
hE's oDagiRi rYu in gOkusen 2