Friday, June 23, 2017


It's already 2017, and here I am, a 28 years old girl having the best time of my life wif my best people, my family..

every year, approaching Syawal, I will be shouldered the responsibility as the COOKIES MAKER.
and I didn't feel burdened cause I love baking.

every year, I will make our household favourite, Semperit, Almond London n Ice-Cream Cookies. 
but for this year, I have to disappointed the fans cause I will not make the Almond London Cookies cause I don't want to make the cookies. Simple as that.

for 2017, our cookies are Fancy Ice-Cream (cause someone meaning my niece request for it), almost Famous Amos Cookies and all time favourite, Semperit. 

every year, I will be facing difficulties to find the original recipes in my mom's big old book of recipes (turun temurun dari zaman anak dara beliau, even some of the recipes use a can of tin as measuring tools *facepalm*). some of my mom's recipes has some error (adunan jadi lembik etc) and needs some correction BUT I always forgot to jot it down and the year comes, I will make the same mistakes again. 

But, Alhamdulillah, this year, I kind of still remember all the mistakes in the original recipes (thanks to the desperation of tears last year). And today, wallahhh, I came with the idea to just sharing the recipes here, so next year, I will just have to refer it here. :)



  220 gram (1 cup)             - Buttercup
  40   gram                          - Crisco /shortening
 120 gram (1 cup)              - Gula Icing
 1/2 sudu kecil                   - Esen Vanilla   
 1/2 sudu kecil                   - Serbuk penaik
 40 gram                            - Tepung Jagung
 40 gram                            - Tepung Kastard
 40 gram                            - Tepung Ubi
 320 gram (2 and 3/4 cup) - Tepung Gandum

                             Cara - cara :-
1. Gaul sebati Buttercup, Crisco/shortening dan Gula Icing.
2. Masukkan Esen Vanilla dan Serbuk penaik.
3. Masukkan Tepung Jagung, Kastard, Ubi dan Tepung Gandum.
4. Canai doh dan pastikan adunan sampai separuh dari acuan sahaja.
5. Bakar pada suhu 160 darjah celcius dalam masa 25 minit. 

Hasil dari adunan tadi. Rapuh dan cair dalam mulut. Perlukan hiasan coklat dan sprinkles of choc rice/love/bulan-bintang.
Aiming to make it looks like exactly this. I will upload the pic later.
Credit to the pic's owner, it is not mine.


kAmEnAsHi kAzUya

hE's cUtE
hE's beaUtifuL
hE lOves bAsebAll
hE's aN iDoL, a SingEr, an AcToR
hE's tHe lEttEr K in KaT-TuN
hE's kYohEi in YaMaTo NadesHikO sHicHi hEngE
hE's kAnZaKi sHizUku in KamI nO sHizUku
hE's kOsaKU in oNe pOund gOsPeL
hE's hIrotO kAnzAki in tAtTa hItoTsu nO kOi
hE's YuYa iShidA in sApuRI
hE's kIriTanI sHuji in nObuta Wo pRoduCE
hE's oDagiRi rYu in gOkusen 2