Sunday, May 12, 2013

the worse entry ever, please don't read it my dear friends..

after a year x update blog, today update blog with curse..

arrgggghhhhhh!!!! MEN SUCKS.


there, the curse word, publicly..

blog is my only place to be honest in my writing.
 fb got too many students n friends

blog is more private.. ahekk, kentut ko la wan, lg la public, but i don't care.

men, they are sucks, n i'm FUCKING HATE them rite now.

i should just live in fantasy world, where there is no pain, no heart ache, n absolutely no HIM!!

what an arrogant n heartless man

i should know better than to fall in love with him

again n again, i find the wrong man to love
it's a habit i think, to fall to someone who doesn't love me

so pathetic

i'm stupid







there2, stop thrusting them, stop loving them n love me instead- kamenashi

haitttt2, come back myself, u doesn't need man to live.. u have family, u have job eventhough not for longg..
u have everythng, just go back to urself, u'll be fine. back to ur small world, just u n ur laptop, u're not ready to go outside, come back.. - myself

i'm good in my job rite now

i still have job

i got friends n colleague

i got my cute-mute students

i got my mom

i got my laptop

n that's it, i have enough..  

                -u have enough, stop searching n let's fate do their job-

kAmEnAsHi kAzUya

hE's cUtE
hE's beaUtifuL
hE lOves bAsebAll
hE's aN iDoL, a SingEr, an AcToR
hE's tHe lEttEr K in KaT-TuN
hE's kYohEi in YaMaTo NadesHikO sHicHi hEngE
hE's kAnZaKi sHizUku in KamI nO sHizUku
hE's kOsaKU in oNe pOund gOsPeL
hE's hIrotO kAnzAki in tAtTa hItoTsu nO kOi
hE's YuYa iShidA in sApuRI
hE's kIriTanI sHuji in nObuta Wo pRoduCE
hE's oDagiRi rYu in gOkusen 2