Thursday, October 3, 2013

I have to survive this year

juz another 2 months to go
chayok2 wan, u can do it

next year, i'm 25 years old n still in searching phase
most of my friend already achieved something but i still searching

i don't know what i want to find, but i'm pretty sure i'll know it when i found it
either my career or my love life,

Oh Allah, please make it easy for me
Give me Your guidance towards success

for my parents n me

I really want to make it reall

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kAmEnAsHi kAzUya

hE's cUtE
hE's beaUtifuL
hE lOves bAsebAll
hE's aN iDoL, a SingEr, an AcToR
hE's tHe lEttEr K in KaT-TuN
hE's kYohEi in YaMaTo NadesHikO sHicHi hEngE
hE's kAnZaKi sHizUku in KamI nO sHizUku
hE's kOsaKU in oNe pOund gOsPeL
hE's hIrotO kAnzAki in tAtTa hItoTsu nO kOi
hE's YuYa iShidA in sApuRI
hE's kIriTanI sHuji in nObuta Wo pRoduCE
hE's oDagiRi rYu in gOkusen 2